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Flowers! What I'm growing this year!

   I know I'm a little late with the planting but with this move I don't have many shop update, so figured this may make a good post. I want to create a tea garden for myself. Somewhere I can linger in the open air. A place that will stimulate my need for fanciful picturesque surrounding. For idyllic moments. An idea encompassing grandiose design to sway me out of negativism.  

  Considering this is going to take a while to complete, I'm starting in containers. This year is containers. Next year I'm breaking ground. I figured I can get a good layout for the look and feel. How I want to walk about my garden. Moving the containers around to suite my needs. I can also keep an eye out on weather patterns and were the water builds up and runs off. Knowing this, I can plan plants and flowers that will survive better, structure and avoid drowning my plants.

  I'm developing plans to do a Victoria cottage garden combo. Victorian gardens highlights decoration with neat pathways while cottage gardens are overloading with flowers. Victorian gardens, in my opinion, are very structure whereas cottage gardening plays a lot with height and combining types of flowers and colors. I think I can get a nice layered garden combining the 2 types. 

  Planting hollyhocks and poppies. Canterbury and sunflowers. Yarrows, marshmallows and Balsam peppermints. Thistle - like safflowers and bitter mint horehound. French parsley chervil for cooking. Purple coneflower for the bees and butterflies. Edible plants like mallow, naturiums, savory, snapdragon, and toothache plant. We are still in the early stages but there is still time.

 Considering the height on the plants I've started, it would be a good idea to get some mid level plants. There are plenty of herbs I'm using for ground cover. Some can get to be about 24 inches tall so there shouldn't be any large gaps in-between the flowers. I'm honestly contemplating on letting it ride it out and see what the flowers do. Watch how tall and wide they can get. Which areas get more water, if a wind break is need. Where the sun sits and where it doesn't.

  For the most part, I have my plants planted. They still need more time but they are planted. The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best time is now. I still need to decide on containers, decorations and layout (probably something else but I can't think of anyels) so this topic won't end here. We'll keep this going but for stay safe.

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