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Poppy flowers!

    My poppies are growing!

  I planted some very unique poppies this year, frosted salmon, which is a salmon color ruffles petal poppy. Mother of pearl with are red petals with a pear color center, grey poppies which are grey petals and Pandora poppy, a very dark red poppy.

 Poppies,, Witch from the West

  Poppy are notorious for being hard to germinate and transplant. So far there has been a good number of the frosted salmon that has germinated and survived transplanting. They don't like moving so moving them when they are 1-4 after germination is the prime time to transplant. They are still young enough that moving them to another dirt won't brother them.

milkweed, Witch from the Westmarshmallow, Witch from the West

 Along with the poppies, my marshmallow and milkweed plants are doing well. from my readings they're good in teas and jams. I realize they require a good amount of water. They like to keep their feet wet, which is fine. It looks like its going to be a hot summer so I'll be mindful when watering.  Reading up on marshmallow and they come back every year so I need to be mindful of that when I plant it.

 The sunflowers and yarrow is progressing nicely in the seedling trays. Supposedly, yarrow has many herbal uses and benefits. From digestive function and anti-inflammatory to promote healthy hair growth. I will not try to ingest it but I'll give it a shot for hair growth. I have not seen yarrow use in hair treatments before but that doesn't mean much of anything as there are a vast amount of herbs you can use for your hair. Availability, cost and other factors can play a part.

DISCLAIMER**** I am in no way a medical adviser or have any background in medical field. Do not take my word for it. This is just my research and highly recommend you research it yourself.

  There is still a few that haven't germinated yet, like the blackberry Lilly's and horehound, Nor has any of the borage. savory or anise. It may be little to late for them. Still watch out chervil, cumin, toothache plant. I'm not completely disappointed that they haven't took off because I know I did start them late.

 Hopefully another day or 2 and they'll germinate. If not that's ok. I'll keep you update till next be safe.

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