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Tea cup of the Week

Moving has allow me to find some hidden gems that I have forgotten about. Various things, small statute, decorations, copious amounts of art supplies, fabrics and tea cups.
Once upon a time, I would roam town stores for tea cups and antiques. Collecting and enjoying the delicate cups and its art. I don't visit shops as much as I used to for various reasons. I have a good portion of my tea cups on display with the rest of the collection in storage. I rotate them out of storage and onto the shelves.
 Having own quite a bit of tea cup I decide on doing a  series of blog called Tea cup of day. Where I'll show off my collection and inspiration.
I don't remember where I brought most of my tea cups from but I do enjoy talking about them.
Tea cup of the day, Witch from the West
This one I received as a gift I believe. It came with matching tea cup. It wasn't a full set just a pair. My daughter can drink with me in a identical tea cup!

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