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  • Work in progress: Lace

           Making lace a I realize a couple things about store brought lace. The one that are starchy are made from a poly filament thread, which is ve...
  • New Adventures

    So much has been happening and if you follow me on Instagram @earlygreyandpoppyseeds you would catch little glimpse of my new lace experiments ther...
  • Product highlights: Blackamoor Bats

    We have a lot of products coming in but my favorite is the Blackamoor Bats. Honestly, I love bats so anything with bats make my heart jump <3. I...
  • Work in progress, our latest products

    We are making a lot of accessories from headdress to more wrist cuffs, brooches and hair accessories.
  • How We are handling COVID-19

    As this continues we are taking more sanitary steps to make our items. If you didn't know, with the exception of our socks, we make our items here.
  • What I love

    I love dark sky with flashes of lighting flickering thru the sky and the thunderous boom. Feeling its unyielding power as it shakes the earth. Even...