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  • February shop updates

         Cassares' here. We have shop updates this month. Trying to keep a positive presence thru out what we do. Being honest is one of value here, s...
  • Romantic Heart Sachet

    Lets make a heat sachet together. Sip tea and ask question during our Q&A and enjoy our sew-a-long, we'll be making a romantic heart sachet craft.
  • Updated Wrist cuff Collection

    Hello my Familiars     I have been quite the busy bee. Been working on oodles of goods. Lots of drawing, lots of design. So much so I had to stop m...
  • Have a little Paw-itivity

    The cute walk is really delightful!
    These wrist cuffs will be out in February and will be able to pre-order a pair soon and keep om the look out!
  • Save Our Bats Stamp

    I do believe bats are worth saving! There are so many environment rescue and honestly we all want the same thing, after all, their habitat is our habitat and we need to protect and restore as much as we can.
  • New product Arriving, Bows!

    We have a vast assortment of bows and hair accessories coming to the shop. Great mixture of texture and style. Playful colors and embellishments, even embroidery and trimmings.
  • Gifts ideas for under $20

    Holiday shopping doesn't have to be tough. Our handle little gift guide is sure you give you some ideas and best part they are all under $20.
  • Work in progress: Lace

           Making lace a I realize a couple things about store brought lace. The one that are starchy are made from a poly filament thread, which is ve...
  • New Adventures

    So much has been happening and if you follow me on Instagram @earlygreyandpoppyseeds you would catch little glimpse of my new lace experiments ther...
  • Product highlights: Blackamoor Bats

    We have a lot of products coming in but my favorite is the Blackamoor Bats. Honestly, I love bats so anything with bats make my heart jump <3. I...
  • Work in progress, our latest products

    We are making a lot of accessories from headdress to more wrist cuffs, brooches and hair accessories.
  • How We are handling COVID-19

    As this continues we are taking more sanitary steps to make our items. If you didn't know, with the exception of our socks, we make our items here.