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How We are handling COVID-19

As this continues we are taking more sanitary steps to make our items. If you didn't know, with the exception of our socks, we make our items here.

Our socks are outsource to a production company called The/Studio. I  designs of all my socks myself and The/Studio produce them for me. They too have token precautionary measures to insure the safe of others. 

Here at the home base where we make our products. We practice safe hygienic.

  • Daily cleaning our workspace after work.
  • Cleaning our tools and equipment more frequently.
  • After products are made they are place in individuals baggies and kept there. 
  • We do put in handmade card with the baggies and those are kept in a clean place as well.
  • Process time is still the same as before. There are ready to ship items and made on demands items. Please look carefully at product description and if you have any question feel free to message me.
  • For now, we are using plastic baggies to secure everything in but I am looking forward to using more Eco-friendly and recyclable baggies and shipping methods.

As for shipping, There may be up to 2 days shipping delays just because how everything is. We use a 3rd party shipping company. We don't have any control for delivery time. I know the future is not going to look the same as before this all happened, But I am looking forward to it.

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