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Jubilee Tea, tea party ideas, tips and Lolita fashion

  I have been playing around with this idea for a number of months. Making videos on tea party ideas, recipes and some DIY decorations.

 It sounds like a good-ish idea.

    I haven't started it because we'll I'm a bit camera shy. Always have been. Never understood when I freeze up. Also with YouTube being an unforgiving soul sucking demon that thrives on being a pain in the rear and causing trouble for creators that uses the platform. It just doesn't seem like the right place for me. I can host video here on my site so that's my plan.

   There is a channel prepared on YouTube, called Jubilee Tea. I didn't want to exclude it all together. As it has a large community but the videos will be post here on Witch from the West shop and then 3 days later on YouTube. 

  My intention is to focus on tea partys recipes and decoration, and Lolita fashion. If it feels like I'm reading from a script, I most likely am. Until I get use to being on camera, I'm gonna have a script. That way I don't ramble or freeze. Everything else is up in the air. Which it's fine. This is just the beginning. I'll be back with more up dates later. Till then stay safe.

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