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May update

 Thank you for you patience! I know my last post didn't leave you with much information about anything. My writing/typing isn't flowing well. Sorry there gonna be a lot of jumping around. I'm trying to they get why I want to say out.

  These days I have been overwhelmed with a lot and  is in the process of moving. With my daily life and taking care of my girls I am pressed for time. We are revamping the barn to make room for goats! We are getting two Pygmy goats.  Because of how everything is going we can work on the barn on the weekend and moving during the week. 

  With this move, I'm getting a bigger work room. I hoping it's gonna help me stay focused and  keep adding more items and conent. The room is a dark blue, which I want to paint over. It's a nice blue it's just not my shop colors. I'm going for a dusty lilacs color. It's close to my shop color.  It's gonna be another few weeks before I gonna post new items but I'm trying to be here more. I know being absent isn't doing any good. Till next time I hope everybody is safe.

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