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New Adventures

So much has been happening and if you follow me on Instagram @earlygreyandpoppyseeds you would catch little glimpse of my new lace experiments there. I brought, very recently got a new machine, a Ricoma TC1501. It's a heavy duty embroidery machine. Its there to help me embroider my items. I have a lot of embroidery I want to do but first I'm still learning the ins and out of my machine.

  something I did for my mother.

I started do some apparel but then I went straight into lace. That's honestly why I got it. It's becoming increasing difficult to find decent lace let a lone really good lace. The lace that is readily available to me is so cheaply made and fells like sand paper, it's very disappointing when that the only option I have. I did see I can get custom lace made for me but most places are don't like working with small shops. At some level I understand the reason be hide but I think they are losing out. There are not a lot of big or small places that want lace but it what its is. I like learning something new.

  Right now I am using polyester thread but I have cotton threads and bobbins. The cotton will be use when I am comfortable and confident in my skills. Everyday I'm making new mistake but I am learning from them and pushing forward. I'm looking forward to when I can stock my own lace, maybe even sells some depending on demands. For now, for my shop I will use what I have in stock and already purchase. Hoping to use up what I can. I will difinetly have more lace adventures in the near future. keep and eye out here and follow my @earlygreyandpoppyseeds on Instagram. I put my shop adventures there too. I'll drive more into my learning adventures next time. 

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