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Product highlights: Blackamoor Bats

We have a lot of products coming in but my favorite is the Blackamoor Bats. Honestly, I love bats so anything with bats make my heart jump <3. I will admitted it was a hard decision between the Blackamoor bats and the Pom pom bats, both are super cute and eye catching. 

 I really like the Blackamoor Bats for little details I was able to put into the body and wings. It's not a lot but it's enough to stand out. The little indents in the wings and round belly gives more realistic feel to me. I made them out of air dry clay, painted with acrylic paint and then sealed. I had to file in holes to attached them to the bows, neck wear and headdress. I was thinking about gluing them but I have a love hate relationship with glue. If you use the wrong glue them the whole project is doom and if the glue wares out then it will fall off. So it seems like a better idea to make button holes to be secure it. 

 The wrist cuffs featuring the Blackamoor Bats are actually made, I'm just waiting on more materials to arrive so I can make more, the same goes for the neck wear and the headdress. One of the main component is Batiste cotton, which is out of stock everywhere because just about everyone is making mask. I do understand the need for making mask but that makes me limited in what I can make.


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