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Romantic Heart Sachet

  Put the kettle on and lets get crafting.

This is one of those projects that are nice to make when you have little fabric left. Too little to waste but not quite large enough to make some large out of. So you think, "what can I do with this little piece of fabric?" 

The heart sachet has a easy to make closure in the back. Normally, you would want to fill it with dry herbs, flowers or potpourri to be place inside. But honestly you can fill it with anything. If you have another small project you are making for a gift it would be a cute gift bag. We will be making this out of one solid piece of fabric or lace fabric. 

 They can be decorating, using can use ribbons, buttons and embroidery to. Fill free to decorate them however you want. For this demo we are gonna keep it simple. You can decorate with the ribbons before or after the heart is made. If you want to decorate before the heart is gonna be roughly  6-7 inches from the top, length wise.

The instruction for the heart sachet is as followed:

Heart Sachet materials:

5" x 18" piece of fabric

Pencil, chalk, or water-soluble pen

your choice of herbs, flowers or potpourri to fill

thread and needles

 Material for heart sachet, Witch from the West


1. Place fabric on work surface with length running top to bottom and the right side of the fabric up. Fold the top down 6 inches from the top.

Fold 6 inches from the top over to the right side, Witch from the West

2. Fold half of the top flap back up, so that its edge is even with the first fold. Finger press.

3. Fold the bottom up, 7 inches from the bottom edges. Fold half of the bottom flap back. Finger press.


4. Draw a 5-inch heart on the fabric. If you have a stencil, great. I didn't so I folded the project in half and drew half a heart. Unfolded it and then folded it the other way, rubbing the chalk marking on to the other side and then I had a complete heart.

fold and draw

5. Stitch entire outer edge. Trim the seam to 1/4 inch. Trim the seam at the point and at the V to 1/8 inch. Clip seam at the V, being careful not to clip the stitches. 

 stitch the edgetrim the edge to 1/4 inchescut the V carefully

6. Turn only the bottom half of the heart right side out. Use a knitting needle ( or something similar to push out the point. Be careful not to push to hard!

fold over the bottom  


7. Lightly fill this portion with your dry herbs, flowers, or potpourri.

fold over the top

8. Turn the remaining fold over to expose the entire right side of the heart, with the seam edges enclosed. If your herb mixture consists of small pieces, you may wish to stitch the back close. With normal use, large-sized potpourri will not come out of the heart. complete

 They come out to be about 5 inches tall, so make sure you have enough dry herbs to fill it. I ended up not having enough for it. That's and easy fix. Did you know you can make them in different sizes?  The main thing is keeping the back flaps over lapping to keep the closure easy, that and keep the width size relative to the length, so live we use 5"x18", a size a 8" X 20" should work just as well. 

  Do you like these types of projects let me know! We are hosting a virtual tea party, filled with Q&A, crafting and fun times. We're looking to reach out to our community and get to know each other better. 

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