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What I love

I love dark sky with flashes of lighting flickering thru the sky and the thunderous boom. Feeling its unyielding power as it shakes the earth. Even tho its miles away, its strength can still be felt. I love early grey dark malty flavor with lemon meringue pie. Sitting outside and listening to earth move and the wind blows. The sounds of wings as the catch air to fly. The mystery of the world as it moves forward and beyond. Its past can still be seen but it press on, growing, growing and growing towards tomorrow. 

I love lace and the delicate touch it compliments. I love cotton and the sense of earth it bring. Complete, natural, whole, no need for additives, taking it just the way it is. The feel of a soft strength and sweet touch. Working with nature either thru gardening of taking care of animals. all ways being reminded how there will always be more to the world then what we see, then what we are. 

Wearing ribbons in my hair, endless letter with cursive writing,  dried flowers in notebook and the way the sky turns pink and purple before fading into a deep dark purple, where I confess my love to the moon. I what to share what I love withe the world. My love for delicate thing, my love for strength, my love for the earth and the mystery it holds. To becoming these thing is to like the earth. Forever strong and unyielding, forever a mystery and kind. Forever Wondrous. 

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