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Updated Wrist cuff Collection

Hello my Familiars  

  I have been quite the busy bee. Been working on oodles of goods. Lots of drawing, lots of design. So much so I had to stop myself from design more and work on it. Putting my plans into action. I have made a lot of more tea party attire accessories, hopefully this year we can start to interact how we use to do, showing kindness and compassion and looking good, of course.


For those looking for to hone in on elegance, refinement and bats  /|\ ^.^/|\          I suggest our Silver Bats Embroidered Wrist Cuffs. 

Sliver Bats Wrist Cuff, Witch from the West

Supple cotton lawn with a small colony of bats embroidered in pearly silver thread. Crowned with an double bow and silver bat button for an added sophistical touch. These are pure cotton and relax fit- perfect for layering and super soft too.

Carousel Bat Wrist Cuff, Witch from the West

Exquisite embroidery details the whole circumference of this next one, Carousal Bats Wrist Cuffs. Gander at the bat static soaring in circles on your wrist. Wear it layered or unlayered - either way it looks great. 

Carousel Bat Wrist Cuff, Witch from the West

Cathedral Lacework Wrist Cuffs. Pure cotton with intricate embroidery, this is the kind of wrist cuffs anyone can wear and appreciate. The intricate lines mimic a simple cathedral window pattern on the borders of the cuffs. Cuffs are reinforce for retention.

Cathedral Lacework Wrist Cuff, Witch from the West 

Quality construction, special stitching and contrast colors at the edge makes this a go-to frill accessories. Our Pawitivity Cat wrist cuff is nothing but positive vibes. Paw prints arrange on the hem of comfortable doughy cotton fabric. Availed in 3 colours.

Pawitivity Cat Wrist Cuff, Witch from the West

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