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Dried Flowers Arrangements

 Hello, I hope you are well.

 I'm in the process of drying flowers right now.  Hollyhocks, lily's, petunias, impatiens, little weeds, snapdragons. Honestly anything that catches my eyes. Different colors, shapes and sizes. Little button poppies and bright yellow marigold. 

Dried flowers, Witch from the West

Playing with the flowers natural shape and sizes has a bit of comfort for me.

Dried flowers, Witch from the West

    I recently acquire some acrylic sheets. The plan is to use them to put the arrangements on. I haven't figured out if it's better to frame it or laminate it to seal it completely. I was just going to do it on canvas boards, maybe I'll still do it on canvas. Depends on the project. What type of effect I want on the project and such. I'll be combining some mix media, vinyl, alcohol inks and the dried flowers. 

Dried flowers, Witch from the West

  Right now I'm doing, what I would call wall arrangements. Arrangements I make on framable material with the larger flowers. My framable material are the acrylic sheets and canvas. Mainly for indoor use. I'll use the smaller dried flowers for cards and smaller picture. 

 I'm really loving how well the hollyhocks have dried. The stem is a bit tough. I had to use extra weight to get it down. Other then the stem, the rest of the flower went down easy. The petal are not thick so they dried out well. Gives a transparent final look.

My impatiens and patunias dried well too. They have an easy to manipulate center and stem so pushing it out the way was easy. My only problems with both of them, is that I wasn't very gentle when removing them off the towel. I ended up ripping some. Now I wonder if they were ready to be removed or they need more time to dry. 

Tiny daisies are very underappreciated especially when dried out. No real reason why I dried them. Normally I'd leave them for the bees but I decide to try them. They gave a better then expected results. I am still leaving some for the bees but I would like to make use of some this year.

Dried flowers, Witch from the West

Lilies are hard to use. I have a lot of tiger lily and they are beautiful to boot. Unfortunately, they did not dry too well. They still retain some moisture in them. It seems to me the amount of time to dry was not enough maybe, since they are thick. I didn't realize how thick tiger lily are until I started comparing them to other flowers. Heavier weights should probably be used on them too.

Dried flowers, Witch from the West

From my viewpoint, tiger lilys petals did not become transparent like the other flowers. It could be that's just the way they are or they need more time to dry. With that in mind, I'm afraid they might mold. I'm hoping more time is all they need.

The flowers I'm using are coming from my garden. I don't use any pesticide or chemical in my garden. A lot of what I plant in my garden is edible so I don't use any pesticide, chemical harmful or not, on them. I know nature will come and do it's thing. Invite lots of nasty bugs and what not but I have chickens and they are wonderful pest control.



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