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Gifts ideas for under $20

With the holidays upon us, the time for gift shopping is at hand. Wither you are searching for someone or yourself, we have some great ideas on what to get them (and yourself). 

  Here's a warm welcome to cold weather. 

Our Jersey Bat print Infinity Scarf has a wide width span with keep them cover and the pleasantly soft jersey knit fabric will keep them warm. Perfect time for the winter weather. Bonus point for the bat print. Chase the chills away with this must have scarf.

 A extra layer of warmth, softness and goodness

Keeping up with cold weather, having some socks to keep you warm and dry is a must. How about some knee high?  Prefect length and thickness to keep you warm. I recommend any of our socks but if I had to choose I would go with our Pouncing Knee Highs Socks. You can't go wrong with cats, unless they are a dog lover but they would still find this adorable. Cats always are.  

Layer on the Tone and Textures

  These are no ordinary wrist cuff so prepare for some extra looks. The soft cotton lawn, hints of sparkle in the lace and rich color will stop them in their track, making this classic Gothic Lolita style wrist cuff an easy choice. Roomy fit, lovely lace, featuring a handmade clay bat button makes an attractive combination design.

 Blackamoor Wrist Cuff, Witch from the West

 A Classic Revamped

     Our classic Red Wine Wrist cuffs are sure to add interest to your Lolita wardrobe. Red wine lace to look smart on casual days. Gorgeous organza bow and elastic for unmatched comfort and ease of movement. Just sits with a fluffy neater flounce  around the wrist

Red Wine Wrist Cuff, Witch from the West

 With the holidays here, picking gifts can be stressful. It doesn't have to be. With just a weeks away get them something they'll be thrilled to receive.

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