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February shop updates


Witch from the West, February Shop Announcements

   Cassares' here. We have shop updates this month. Trying to keep a positive presence thru out what we do. Being honest is one of value here, so keeping the line of communication open is a must. 

1st things first.

We want to extend a giant thank you to everyone who join the virtual tea party! We had a lot of fun at the tea party. We hope everyone who join had as much fun as we did. I look forward to do it again.


February Shop Promo, Witch from the West

I'm sure you saw this already. We are doing a free gift over $50 total. You can still use coupon codes on your orders. As long as your total is on or over $50 you'll get a free pair of our Dark Clouds Pom-Pom earring. If your order total happens to go under the $50 mark the earrings won't appear as your gift.

You can buy them separated here.

This is an automatic discount, so no code needed.

Just spend $50 and get a pair of our Dark Clouds Pom-Pom earring. For those purchasing in the US, our free shipping over $25 still applies.

New Viking inspire Jewelry 

We have new product coming in as well. We are making Viking weaving necklaces and bracelets. These necklaces are super cool. They are made from 26 gauge copper wire. We weave the wire on a dolly, kind of like weaving yearn on a knitting needles but not quite. The wire is loop around its self with 2- 5 strands of wire. The results are spectacular! 

They are coming at the end of the month. We are still experimenting with wire gauge, how many strands and the different patterns it's makes. Using more strands makes a different pattern and you can make another pattern if you double the loops on the strands. This gives us a lot of different ways to play with it. Now I have to figure out which one I like best.

Preparing for Facebook lives.

  So I know I put a sign up last week that I was going to do a Facebook live and I didn't. Unfortunately, my daughter need a bit more help with her school work that day. Normally we would be done by that time but we got stuck trying to figure out what the teachers wanted and how to do it. With that being said we took more time on school and then it was time to prepare dinner and take care of the kids and do mom stuff.

  Still trying to do Facebook lives, even if they are short. Working around time I have little of.

We are also doing a Facebook contest, later this month. The winner will receive a free pair of wrist cuffs, just pay shipping and handling. 

Survey Time!

 Last but not least. We have a survey up and running now. We strive to get better and are aiming high. We still would to here from you. after all, all interaction counts. 

You can take the survey here.

That's all for now. We will have more new in the future as well more updates on the Facebook contest when it comes closer to it.




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