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Work in progress: Lace

       Making lace a I realize a couple things about store brought lace. The one that are starchy are made from a poly filament thread, which is very thin, durable, cheap to get, doesn't lint and scratchy. No wonder its everywhere. For basic embroidery its really good because it is very durable so it will hold up to abusive and time but I don' like it for delicate project, i.e. lace and thin projects. You can get nylon which is commonly know as monopoly, it's superfine and not as durable but from my understanding because its so fine you don't feel it like like the poly filament so it's kind of invisible but because its so fine it breaks easily.

   Honestly, spending the extra couple bucks for cotton thread just because its not gonna break like monopoly thread and be softer the poly filament feels like a no brainier to me. I consider them being bigger pros to me then having cheaper poly filament or monopoly. To each their own, people value things differently, like the case of buying replicas v.s buying from the original source or brand, cheap v.s. quality. For me quality is always a factor and well as sustainability, I don't foresee polyester being sustainable even tho its cheap, it causes a lot of damages to both our airways and water just to make it. Just being honest, if you are jumping on the bandwagon just because everyone is doing, or you think you'll make a lot of money, at that point, is it really worth it, you are putting a lot of efforts into something you don't care about, but I digress. 

    I'm using polyester thread for now, I plan to switch to cotton thread in the near future. Cotton thread is expensive and has a lot of lint to it. There are different types of cotton and each one has its own lint issue. Lints isn't really a big deal you just need to remember to clean the machine more often. That does cut it to production time but it's a better quality.  There are mercerize cotton, India cotton, and Egyptian cotton thread. I have some of all three just so I can compare and make an honest decisions, because they all have there pros and cons and really be a wear of as much as I can be. 

   I am making lace by embroidery on water soluble stabilizer and  water soluble film. as simple as this sounds there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Tension, needle problems, thread issue play into it. I've been making new mistake when lace but since I've made them I can recognize the issue easier and solve it quicker. Like the smallest nick or bent in the needle can wreak havoc on the design, tension needs to be just right and if you haven't pair the right thread together you are going to get lots of loops, Which are all very noticeable, no matter how small. I find the small the detail points out all the flaws and your stabilizer has to be able to hold up dense stitches. Not all water soluble are made the same. There are a lot of dense stitches in lace and if it can't hold the density then its not gonna hold the lace together. Lace needs the density to keep it self together. Sure you have the smaller net like parts but it went over those a couple of times too.

 So this the start of one. and then later on it fills it out. 

 this is needle issue and unfortunately a lot of issue look the same to me

 because this one is tension issue but I've learned if adjust your tension don't change anything then something else is wrong. the needle was going bad in the second run. this is the first run. Also you can see the soluble didn't completely dissolve at the bottom and in the some of the middle. Beside the flaws I do like how this lace is design. I like the cathedral window look its has. 

 There is a bit of a learning curve here but I am super excite about this. 


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