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New product Arriving, Bows!

You are never too old to wear bows.

With so many places, events and holidays to wear them too why limit them to age. 

You may have notice the trends, pairing a bow with  a sleek up do, for a sophisticated look but there are other options. With my curly hair I like to let my hair loose and lay the bow on top or a soft sweep of my hair to the right and set it in place with the bow giving me another cute look. Cute half-up-half-down do leaves you plenty of options of bow placement.

Plus, depending on what kind of bow you go for – a safe chic choice is a simple solid color, lets say black or red grosgrain ribbon or a colorful, flower patterned or geomantic pattern scarf – the hair bow can most certainly be the statement maker of your overall look. Short and small bows, bows with long tails, grosgrain ribbon, satin, silks the lists continues and the possibilities are endless.

 We are super excited to contribute to the endless possibilities.


We have a vast assortment of bows and hair accessories coming to the shop. Great mixture of texture and style.  Playful colors and embellishments, even embroidery and trimmings.

Our bows will start arriving in shop and ready to purchase next week and more will slowly keep coming to the shop.

You can find them in our hair accessories page.

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