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Have a little Paw-itivity

 Do you need something positivity to look at? The world is still in a fuss and you are sitting there, turn away from it all, in need of something light.

  Well, I have some positivity for you. In fact, its gleaming PAW-itivity will put a smile on you. I like word pun, sorry, not sorry.

I'm super excited to have these in my shop. Like most of us, I too, have a cat print dress. Unlike most of us, my dress is not Angelic Pretty. I have a couple of cat theme print from and JoAnne's Fabric and well, unless you are sweet, its hard to find nice accessories that doesn't scream sweet. 

  So with a little ingenuity, some embroidery skills and sewing skills, I am excited to announce our Pawitivity Cat Wrist Cuffs and headband!

When I first started arranging these cuffs, I figured I wanted was something upscale with versatility, being that there are a lot of cat theme prints from various brands and indie brands. With that being said, it was not my intent on making something will match every dress but I do like versatility. And to be versatile, it needs to be simple enough for otome and casual style and upscale and elegance to go with a tea party dress.

Now there are a number ways to do it and it always comes down to design, embellishments and fabric. It's the same route for all them, choosing either a simple or elaborate design, fabric ranging from either cheap, decent, or expensive quality and how you planned to embellish it.

Pawitivity embroidery My choice ways to embellish are HTV ( heat transfer vinyl ), screen printing and embroidery. I'm going with embroidery on this one, adds more posh. Keeping the design simple is a key element when wanting to add versatility. Another way to keep versatility is to be keep color palette small.



I could go the easy route and choose chiffon but I think that's cheap fabric.  I haven't t tried screening printing chiffon but since its a fine fabric I can't image it holding the ink well and for HTV you need high heat to set it with high heat and well, did you know chiffon can burn? I have done embroidery on chiffon and it puckers way to much. There are ways around it, upping the stabilizer and adding micro water soluble topping but I getting better quality fabric if I'm going to do all that. 

PAWitivity embroidery  Pawitivity embroidery

  In comes cotton lawn. It's stable, super soft and can hold heavy needlework. I love that it has just enough sheer for elegance, stable fluffiness and comfortable for daily wear. Is the puurfect choice for make accessories with.

The design elements have been chosen, it becomes a matter of execution. Construction is solid so it's putting my embroidery on the cotton lawn. I was just gonna put it in the front but I decide to position the embroidery around the complete circumference of the cuffs. It's a cute look, it look like a cat walk about on it. 

Pawitivity Wrist CuffsPAWitivity Headband

These wrist cuffs and headband will be out in February and pre-order will be available soon and keep om the look out! I'm even planning a live to release my new works. I have more items and wrist cuffs and I'm super excited to show you all but that's for another blog.

Keep a look out here or on our facebook page, facebook/witchfromthewest

Keeping things updated as we continue into the future.







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