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About us

Welcome Children of the Moon, lets dance thru the world covered in flowers, lace and frills. At Witch from the West, we aim to offer quality products made from reliable sources so you get the best quality. We are a small but motivated,  specializing in Lolita Fashion and accessories.

My style is feminine and warm, a mixture of feminine elements and warm earth tones. I have a deep love for bats and am always seeking to explore them within my designs. I make sure there is a sense of delicate touch and intrigue when creating garments. I am a proud 2nd generation Boricua woman, I’ve always wanted to create a career in fashion but was unable to, so I thought I’d come back and help make it happen. I’m looking for a new challenge, a new career and experiences. 

 We make most of our items with the exception of our socks. We have a production company in San Francisco, CA that makes the socks.